I have been waiting too long for that big crazy sun to start 
screaming those answers I seek. 
But week after week, 
time after time
it does nothing bit drift cross the sky 

I have been dotting my thoughts with question marks 
open-ended morality 
shot after shot in the dark 

and the funny thing is that
I don’t always remember my own name or
recognize my face 
it’s all just a dream, 
I’m starting to think 
it’s a figment of my electrical mind. 

So are the power outlets alive? 
Why do I feel my own soul but doubt it 
in anything else that I find? 
I want to separate myself from mankind 
I’m a ghost stuck to this flesh,
but my essence is far from this life 

I am a product of the stars 
of relentless physical laws 

I am a moment on the timeline, 
an opportunity to be conscious of myself.

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  • Posted: 21 June 2013